When it comes to making your home or business accessible, you have two main choices: ramps or vertical platform lifts. Both of these options can help anyone who uses a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or other wheeled device to access an area that stairs or other obstacles would otherwise prevent them from accessing. Ultimately, the decision […]

  Health insurance was originally designed to make coping with healthcare costs – and the costs of the equipment that you need – easier. Over time, though, health insurance has become more complex, and the emergence of high-deductible plans often means that you’ll still need to pay significant amounts of money out-of-pocket. There’s one situation […]

  The summer is the perfect time to get out and do some exploring. Go on vacation, head to a local fair or festival, or just spend some time outside to enjoy the great weather. When you take your mobility scooter out this summer, we want you to be safe, so please take a look […]

Different cultures have different views, traditions, and methods of providing care for their elderly. From the use of assisted living facilities to the expectations of a family’s role as a parent ages, you’ll find some significant differences in care methods. Let’s take a look at the different approaches to senior care that are most common […]

When you’re shopping for a scooter, powerchair, or wheelchair, you’ll probably be focused on features and price. But just because a scooter offers the features that you want and is priced within your budget doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right for you. There’s one important other element you need to consider: The overall fit of […]

Stand up lifts are an integral part of aging at home. They help to keep seniors both safe and active, and are also essential in recovering from an injury or surgery. If you’re considering getting a stand-up lift for a loved one (or for yourself), here are a few reasons why you should make that […]

  Have you been considering investing in a mobility scooter? Scooters are excellent mobility tools. They’re more versatile in terms of transportation than power chairs, yet still give you plenty of support and power to run errands, go on vacation, or just get around throughout the house. Think you might need a mobility scooter? Here […]

  Walk-in tubs offer many benefits. They’re easy to navigate, especially for anyone with an injury or a physical limitation. These tubs make for simplified caregiving, and even offer increased safety over traditional tubs, since you don’t need to balance as you step over a high ledge. But before you buy a walk-in tub, it’s […]

When it comes to buying a hospital bed for home use, there are many factors to think about. These five tips will help you to assess the different hospital beds available so you can make the choice that is right for the patient. Invest in the Mattress When you’re buying a hospital bed, it pays […]

Both rollators and walkers are designed to help people with mobility or balance issues. These aids can provide additional stability, safety, and independence – but which is right for you? The Difference Between Rollators and Walkers Simply put, the difference between rollators and walkers lies in the number of wheels that each device has. Rollators […]