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The Real Truth About the Benefits of Walk-in Tubs


Walk-in tubs offer many benefits. They’re easy to navigate, especially for anyone with an injury or a physical limitation. These tubs make for simplified caregiving, and even offer increased safety over traditional tubs, since you don’t need to balance as you step over a high ledge.

But before you buy a walk-in tub, it’s important to do your research. Walk-in tubs aren’t all equal in their quality or construction. If you call a walk-in tub company, you’ll quickly find yourself down a slippery slope of marketers calling you over and over again. These marketers don’t always have your best interest in mind. To protect yourself, make sure you ask about the following features and benefits about each tub you consider.

What material is your tub made out of?

Make sure that your tub is made out of a high-quality layered product of acrylic, fiberglass, or a fusion of both. Both materials have pros and cons, and when it comes to measuring the products’ quality, one is not necessarily superior over the other. The tub should have a marine grade gel coat layer on its exterior, which makes the tub more durable.


What is the warranty of the walk in tub?   

Make sure that any tub you consider is backed by a warranty. Review the warranty and pay specific attention to what is and isn’t covered.


How is the door constructed?

If possible, inspect the tub in person to make sure that the door seals easily and securely. You should also note which direction the door opens to see if it will work with your bathroom setup.


How high is the step into the tub?

The height of the step into the tub can have major safety implications. Look for a tub with a lip that measures 5 inches or less. The lower the lip, the better.


Are different size tubs available?

A standard size tub won’t accommodate everyone. Ask if there are different size tubs available to better fit different sized users.
If you’re able to get a tub that’s the right size for you and your bathroom, this can reduce the amount of construction and demolition necessary. This also makes for a faster installation, so you can start enjoying your new tub sooner.


Are inline heaters available to keep the water warm?

Tub water can cool off quickly, but some tubs are equipped with inline heaters to warm the water while you’re soaking in the tub. This is a great benefit if you use the tub for therapeutic purposes, or if you just enjoy relaxing in the bath.


How many water and air jets does the tub feature?

Generally speaking, the more water and air jets, the better. Look for a tub that is well equipped with both.

A walk-in tub is a significant purchase, and you should only buy a tub that has the above features and that is right for your needs. At Med Mart, we offer many walk-in tubs. Please contact us; we would be happy to talk about the options and help you find the tub that’s just right for your needs.