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What is a zero turn mobility scooter? Only the hottest technology out!

Scooters are great options for anyone with limited mobility. Scooters can be used for running errands, going on vacation, visiting friends, and even getting around at work and at home.
While scooters can be used both indoors and outdoors, they have one major drawback: The turning radius. Scooters aren’t the most nimble vehicles, so navigating tight turns and narrow hallways in buildings can be a challenge. This is particularly true of four-wheel scooters. While many people prefer four-wheel scooters for their added stability, they are generally less maneuverable than three-wheel scooters are.

Until now. Let us introduce you to the Jazzy Zero Turn Scooter.

What’s Different About the Jazzy Zero Turn Scooter

The Jazzy Zero Turn, made by Pride, is the first four-wheel scooter with the turning radius of a three-wheel scooter. Thanks to this scooter’s patent-pending Zero Turn technology, it has a 38” turning radius, so you can still easily navigate the tight turns and corners that you may encounter indoors. With its innovative maneuverability, this scooter still has the stability of a four-wheel scooter. You get the best of both worlds.

With the new Jazzy Zero Turn, Pride has revolutionized scooter use. Rather than being restricted to a three-wheel scooter’s limitations because you need to navigate indoors, you can now experience both the outdoors and indoors with a single scooter. The Jazzy Zero Turn has the stability and power that you want for outdoors, but the agility that is so valued indoors. It’s versatile, it’s designed to put in a top performance, and it means that you can get everything you’re looking for in one single scooter

The Benefits of the Jazzy Zero Turn Scooter

There are countless reasons to love the Jazzy No Turn:

• Enjoy a tight turning radius, but the stability of a four-wheel scooter
• Use a single scooter for indoor and outdoor use, with unparalleled versatility
• Enjoy a suspension designed to make for comfortable long-range use
• Drive comfortably through tough terrain, knowing dual motors provide plenty of power
• Easily separate the frame with feather touch disassembly for simple transport

This scooter can accompany you on vacations, into stores, into your home, through buildings, and more. Capable of both indoor and outdoor use, this scooter combines strength with maneuverability. You’ll no longer have to worry about getting stuck in tight corners, or about scoping out stores before you venture into them.

Confidence, freedom, and independence: The Jazzy Zero Turn Scooter can provide you with all of them.

Have questions about the scooter, or would you like to place an order? Please give us a call anytime. We’d be happy to help you.