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Why Get a Hill-Rom Bed for Home Use?

Hill-Rom is known as an industry leader in the medical supply world, and Hill-Rom beds are regarded as some of the best hospital beds available. When shopping for a bed for home use, it’s no wonder that many people opt for a Hill-Rom bed.

Consider these reasons why you may want to get a Hill-Rom bed for home use.


Each and every one of Hill-Rom’s beds are designed to prioritize the safety of both the patient and the caregiver. These beds come with many standard safety features, such as locking wheels and extra-low positions for patients at risk of falling out of bed. You’ll find that some of the upper-level Hill-Rom hospital beds offer additional safety features, such as specialized bed exit systems, zero-gap side rails, and battery backup systems.

These beds are also designed with attention to safer caregiving. Features like built-in scales and easily accessible controls minimize the physical strain on caregivers, helping to keep both the caregivers and the patients safer.


Hill-Rom beds feature a variety of ergonomic designs to maximize patient comfort. Since these beds are built with long-term use in mind, the head, knee, and foot areas can be adjusted for easy position changes. Upper-level beds, like the Advanta 2, even have bed articulation technology to support patient positioning for improved comfort and health.


Since Hill-Rom beds are designed for use in busy hospitals and caregiving facilities, they’re full of features that streamline caregiving. One-button controls to operate position changes, SlideGuard bed articulation technology to help reduce the need for patient repositioning, and a dining chair position are just some of the convenient features that many Hill-Rom beds offer.

A Trusted Manufacturer

For more than 85 years, Hill-Rom has been an innovator when it comes to medical products that enhance outcomes for both patients and caregivers. The company has partnered with health care providers in more than 100 countries, and continues to stay on the cutting edge of medical advancements and products that can better serve patients and caregivers.

Hill-Rom is a trusted manufacturer, and their products are present in hospitals and long-term care facilities worldwide. By choosing a Hill-Rom bed for home use, you’ll be providing your loved one with one of the best products available in terms of safety, comfort, and convenience.

As you explore the options for beds for home use, please consider a Hill-Rom bed; you’re sure to appreciate the superior quality and features that you just can’t get anywhere else. Questions? Give us a call; we’re happy to help you choose the right bed.